Xbox 360 subtitles and windows 7


I don’t even know who this dude “Major Nelson” is, but I’ve sent an email asking for subtitle native support!
Come on people, do the same!

Cheers. :stuck_out_tongue:

People, haven’t you noticed if Tversity is set to ALWAYS TRANSCODE, then subtitles will always show on the Xbox 360 without hassle. The problem is that I don’t want to always have to transcode, but only when needed.

So any suggestions?

I’ve been wondering… maybe it’d be easier to just ask Microsoft to release an update for Xbox 360 accept natively loding subtitles…

anyone has any ideas where we can be sending the email?

Somebody like Major Nelson might be interested but I can’t say for sure. On his website it lists as a way to email him…

After days of struggling with this issue everyone seems to have I finally got it working! I followed the steps in the first post (except for entirely removing all codecs) but it didn’t work yet.
I found out that setting the TVersity transcoder settings to ‘Always’ isn’t enough! Go to the library, find your media folder and hit ‘Edit item’. Under ‘Advanced settings’ you will see that transcoding is still set to ‘When needed’. So select ‘Always’ and voila it works! At least, it did with me.

Hopefully I can help someone with this information!

Now it’s work after install KLM 32 & KLM 64 !!!
but i cant change font
there is any way to identfay the codec work on my PC when tveristy stram?

PLZ help me

I’m very interested in your guide! I hate to enter a password every time, and I’m afraid the subtitles won’t work anymore when I change it :P
Can you PM me a link or post the entire guide in this topic?

I wrote a little guide on how to get it to work without a password. But I suggest you first run it using a password and the password to remove the restriction. I’m posting here so that people who use this guide to the subtitle also worked to find a way to remove the password also.

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Strange, I’m running Windows 7 68bit but no problems at all…

Work for me on Windows 7 pro 32 bit

but i can not make it on Windows 7 64 Bit :(

PLz Help

Cyroq Please help
can u tell me how u do it?
for each codac u use 32 or 64bit?

Well, there’s a file being built in the C:\Program Files\TVersity\Media Server\data directory when you stream something. If you rename it to whatever.avi you might get the codec info out of it with MediaInfo, but if it’s a WMV like I think is the default, AVI might just get you an error. You’ll have to experiment…

I have been at this all afternoon / night and can’t get this figured out.
I’ve followed the instructions to the T and can’t get it to work.

At first I was using TVersity 1.9.3 which is the latest version. In this version you don’t have the option to un-check the codec pack install, so I was uninstalling it after install and cleaning the registry etc.

When that didn’t work I found the 1.9.2 version which allowed me to de-select the codec pack on install, I really thought that that would make the difference, but had no luck.

I have set to transcoding all the time and set up a folder with the same setting.
I have set up the password etc in services console.

The only thing I think it could be is that I’m running 64bit Windows 7 (I haven’t tried jetboy’s solution yet cos this is the one that seems to work for everyone) also I’m using a Mac Book Pro and BootCamp but I’m sure that’s not relevant.
(BTW is KLM K-Lite Mega??)


There are many discussions of changing the TVersity service to run under the userID with which you usually log into Windows. Have you tried that yet?..


Everything seems to stream OK. I just can’t get subtitles to work. I have different types of files, but have been using a .avi and .srt to test.
Same file name except for the extension, in the same folder.
So I have:
Xbox Movies Folder (which I set to always transcode in TVersity)>
Example Folder>
Example.ave &

Works like a charm for me.Thanks! :D :D :D

Yeah I only have one user account, it has a password, and I set that in the TVersity service in service.msc.
If that’s not what you mean, I’ll look through those discussions.

Yea, that’s pretty-much what I was referring to, so TVersity is likely to be using the ffdshow settings you made. Now you should probably check how your videos are rendered with Graphedit, to see if the Haali mdeia splitter (or another one) is involved, since subtitle support is available there too…

Describe what you do and don’t have working…

hi all,

i tried this tutorial 3 times, with no result.
after going through these steps, i even lost my subtitles (source: .srt files) in windows media player. (yes, ik ticked the box in ffdshow video decoder)

i am desperate…i took a license for the v2.2 and i’m feeling ripped off.
my previous installed version was v1.9.2, and it worked fine untill today.
i didn’t change ANYTHING on my computer regarding codecs / media players.

who can help me plz?

my goal: streaming an .avi to my xbox360 WITH subtitles, without hardcoding.