Xbox 360 Not Showing/Connecting To Computers

Hi All,

For some reason my Xbox 360 will either not show any computers or when it does I cannot connect to any of them. I also get the following error in event viewer when trying to connect to media centre via my Windows 7 machine.

“Media Center Extender Setup failed as the Extender was detected on the network but the UPnP search for the Extender failed (timed out after 20000ms).”

In brief, I have tried the following below. Both of the routers mentioned below are brand new.

• All computers connect via wireless to a Netgear WNR2000 router (Firmware is up to date) which is connected to my virgin media cable modem downstairs. (10 meg connection)

• I also have a Netgear WNR2000 router (Firmware is up to date) upstairs being used as a wireless repeater. This has my Xbox 360 connected to it via an Ethernet cable.

• I have given my Xbox a static IP address and Xbox live works fine.

• I have disabled and re-enabled UPNP on my router.

• I have turned NAT to open, pointed DMZ server to my Xbox, port forwarded the correct ports and disabled SP1 firewall on the router.

• All my computers Vista and windows 7 have the correct services and firewall exceptions enabled. I have also enabled file sharing and media sharing and they can all see and play files from each other.

• I have also tried this with AVG & Windows firewall disabled.

• I have also installed tversity on my main Windows 7 machine.

• I have performed hard resets on all routers & the Xbox.

You need to test that TCP Port 41952 is actually open. Firewall settings can sometimes not be clear.

TCPing can be used to test, if you have more than one computer on the network. Use port 41952 to tcping another PC (or laptop)…

Again, those ports are probably important, but that’s not a complete list for TVersity. You might have already opened 41952 and didn’t need to fix it…

Ummm, well, that does probably cover all the standard ports but not the TVersity-specific one. Close TCP port 41952 and TVersity will not work.


I will try that this evening. Does Playon install on top of TVersity or is it a completly different application?

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this is how i got mine working…

open these ports


its important to add that you should make sure that your PC doesn’t keep changing its IP address. (if its on a network and another computer is off, it might get that IP addy you see… then your ports are open for the wrong IP addy) best way to give your pc a static IP address is to [color=#8040FF]BIND[/color] it to your PC’s mac number then bind a ip addy to that mac address…in my TPlink router it is under… advanced>>>>DHCP>>>>address reservation.

i didn’t try to open port 41952 first. as reccomended by mikepaul so maybe try that first. and use this a back up.

ok i just checked. and i don’t have 41952 open! after all the reading i did, i missed your post about opening that port… are you saying that i only needed to open 41952 and it would of worked? how come its working really well without that port open. maybe i was wrong after all. but its working sooooo fast now but i don’t have that port open, unless my router has it open by default. but if that is the case why would it not work before. why can’t tversity the program tell you to open your ports. (and which to open)

hmmmm anyway its working and what a top program it is too. I’m streaming from an old hp 510. 512ram


ok tversity stopped working after 3 weeks of running fine?!?!?!?!

i opened 41952. and its now working sweet again. so i think all you have to do is open 41952. why it works for a while i will never know!!!

TVersity is usually not seen by the 360 unless the port is open, so I have no idea why you had any success.

However, if you see the port get re-blocked after opening it, and things STILL work, then something really strange is going on. You didn’t change the default port in the GUI to something else, did you?

I’d say that as long as you have TVersity working, don’t play much with the ports…

Actually I never meet this problem, check your xbox 360 av cable when you connect to pc.

Sometimes, the solution is more simple than we see…lol

PlayOn is a competitor, but it suffers in comparison to TVersity so I suggest it as a test for making sure that a server will work in a given environment.

There are several other servers, and people who have difficulty with TVersity probably end up using one of those…

Install PlayOn to see if that can talk to the 360 any better. Proving that some server works is a good start…

Problem is i have tried it on all my computers…

The xbox is very very slow to list computers, but then will not let me connect to them.

hmmmmmm,i never meet this problem,too.

Problem is i have tried it on all my computers.

41952 ( or the defined in the status tab in the case you changed it) should be opened.
Try temporary disable any firewall/antivirus/ any other security software.
Power off/on the router and the Xbox.
If it works you should config the firewall/antivirus/ any other security software - open ports / protocols / approve TVersity and mediaserver.exe