Unable to connect to server after Windows 10 update

After upgrading to latest Windows 10 build (16278rs3), i was unable to connect to the media server. Could not edit the settings in the Tversity interface as the pop up window kept appearing trying to connect - would be good if that could be turned off. I uninstalled Tversity, hoping to reinstall it, but i cannot reinstall it. I keep getting errors that read “error opening for writing”. I chose both “retry” and “ignore”, but it happens for every file it tries to install,

Any ideas?

Sounds like you are not running the installer as an admin. I suggest you reboot, download again the binary and make sure you run as admin,

Regarding Windows 10, it disables some network protocols and ports by default. If you enable media sharing it also enables those ports and then things should work.

thanks for the reply. I just received the latest Windows update and was able to re-install Tversity without any issues. Seems like there were problems with the prior update - wasn’t limited to Tversity