Tversity & Windows 10

After performing the windows 10 update, tversity free 3.8 is no longer visible.

Any suggestions?

I suggest reinstalling it and making sure firewall configuration is proper.

Cannot get Tversity to transcode videos (.mkv) with Windows 10. I re-installed TVersity 3.8 and still will not work. Any workaround? Streaming to Xbox 360.

have tried reinstalling 3.8 only to find the same problem. not showing up on tablets, wdtvlive, ps3’s or xbox. after the windows 10 update, didn’t change any settings and tversity 3.8, was the only program not working. Unfortunately, other media servers are working with no problems. nothing wrong with the others but have grown attached to tversity over the last couple years.
I will look at trying an earlier version of tversity and see if it can be resolved. What about the pro version, is it meant/geared to work better on windows 10?

Sounds like perhaps Windows 10 is blocking TVersity. Did you try enabling Windows sharing? Perhaps those setting affect the blocking logic - not sure here just a theory.

hmm. i had windows sharing turned off prior to win10 install. tversity worked, on the ps3, both icons(tversity & windows) would be displayed but only tversity would work.

in windows 10, when I wasn’t seeing tversity, i turned on windows sharing for experimentation. windows media player and other media servers now playback media.

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Please check:

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Has anyone from tversity provided a fix to this? Otherwise we will have to ditch tversity and use the windows media instead !

It is a Window configuration issue, not TVersity issue. If you have multiple network interfaces (due to virtualization software or other reason) then you need to make sure the interface on which TVersity should operate is the default one.


Performed a “reset” of Windows 10 last night. Tversity is now working again!

Great. What do you mean when you say a “reset”?

type “reset” at the task bar or ask cortana.

Windows 10 update in February 2019 stopped Tversity Pro 3.8 from working on all my devices.

I first did a full uninstall and then reinstalled newest version of pro. I let the database rebuild. I still was not getting tversity to show up on any of my six different devices. I decided to try the following fixes:

I got this from under the section called “run network troubleshooter”

In the search box on the taskbar, type Command prompt. The Command Prompt button will appear. To the right of it, select Run as administrator > Yes.
At the command prompt, run the following commands in the listed order, and then check to see if that fixes your connection problem:
Type netsh winsock reset and select Enter.
Type netsh int ip reset and select Enter.
Type ipconfig /release and select Enter.
Type ipconfig /renew and select Enter.
Type ipconfig /flushdns and select Enter.

Windows let me do first three and then the fifth before I restarted.
Tversity came back on all devices immediately