Tversity / Sony Bravia playlists

I need to apologize: this is probably a Sony / Bravia question.

However, I’ve spent time trying to research it, and haven’t been able to find anything conclusive. I’m posting the question here in case the issue rings a bell for someone. I’d appreciate any advice/suggestions…

I run TVersity wirelessly from my PC, and am able to use the VIDEO app on the TV to browse the available media, play it, etc. I recently started putting some of the files into XML playlists; TVersity publishes these, and the Bravia picks them up, and lets me look through the playlist contents, and choose files to play, etc. This all works fine.

What doesn’t work, though, is that when one video finishes, the TV app just stops playing, and goes back to show the playlist’s contents.

I can browse to my TVersity playlists via Chrome with my phone, and have them work fine. The TV, however, refuses to play more than one of the files in the playlist. I’ve looked for options in the TV app, but haven’t found any; nothing which allows me to loop or repeat, etc.

Is this a limitation of the TV/app? Is there a better playlist format (re. M3U, etc)? Again, I suspect this ISN’T a TVersity issue, but I’ve been wrong before :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any advice/information you can provide

EDIT: the following day, I installed the Android port of VLC media player onto my TV. It found the media server’s folders and playlists, and played movies without a problem. However, it did the same thing as the native TV app: it played a single video in a playlist, and stopped after that one video was finished. It did not advance to the next video in the list.

I also tried M3U and PLS playlist formats. Same issue.

TVersity has no control over the behavior of the player and how it handled playlists. You should consult the TV user guide and check what playlists format it supports (if any) - maybe if you use one of these the TV will handle it (although I doubt it).