Tversity for 360, .mkv, Win7 AND SUBS! [WORKING JAN 2013]

I’ve been fond of tversity for a few years now, and was happy to realise on xp that I could use subs with my mkvs.
However when I upgraded to windows 7, things changed and got annoying. After much searching around and using about 10 different gudes (some from this forum) I was able to find the method that worked for me. This may cover things other’s already have because much of this guide is just “borrowed” to save me writing it out. All I’ve done is update it and point out some more things. I hope that my making of this guide will help even 1 more person enjoy their favorite shows on a bigger screen. The guide is seperated into sections, but it’s best to READ IT ALL first. that way you don’t accidently do something when you shouldn’t have.


  1. I am using Windows 7 x64 with SP2. This works as of 22/01/13. Howevever… those of you living in the future… where sentient hoverboards have forced us all underground… it may need some tweaking.
  2. I used an older version of CCCP 2011-07-30 (NEWEST VERSIONS DO NOT WORK. IT NEEDS FFDSHOW). I have uploaded it here!XR0hhIRL!YLAOJB8znAAhU2KAJXTJMB_IPNlmrDQzY3bNChhrGd8
  3. Current newest version of Tversity works (2.30) (I’m sure a free one works too, but the quality may not be as good, and some things may vary)
  4. you will need “MKV Toolnix” and “MKV Extract GUI” if you wan’t to get your soft subs working.


  • You need to be using an administrator account on windows7 that has a log on username and password. If you have one already, good. if you don’t you should get one anyway so nobody finds your pron… and it’s needed for this.

  • Uninstall ALL codecs, AND tversity

  • USE CCCLEANER To clean registry of ALL left over stuff from un-installing

  • The MKV format is like a box with sound, video and subtitles in. You need to pull the subtitles out of that mkv box.

  • Download MKV Toolnix and MKV Extract GUI.
  • Install MKV Toolnix, then place the MKVExtractGUI2.exe in the MKV Toolnix folder
  • Run MKVExtractGUI2.
  • In the "input" box add the MKV you want
  • In the “output” box select the folder where your MKV is stored. This’ll save you moving it later.
  • A list of all the different elements in the MKV should appear in the window. Select the one that is listed as subtitles.
  • your screen should look something like this:
  • extract to make you seperated subtitles files
    Make just 1 to test first so you can be sure you know what you’re doing. Your subtitles should look something like this: “[gg]Jojo’s_Bizarre_Adventure-09[AD15CC12]_track3_eng.ass” The files name needs to be the same, except the “_track3_eng.ass” on the end. It may not BE track3, but it’s clear which one the subtitle is by the name.
    Make sure your subtitles are in the same folder your .mkv files are in.


Step 1. Download and install the CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack). Use a version that has FFDSHOW in it. I used "CCCP 2011-07-30" since the newest ones dont have FFDSHOW anymore. During the installation process install everything as it comes, except for both media players since you dont need both.!XR0hhIRL!YLAOJB8znAAhU2KAJXTJMB_IPNlmrDQzY3bNChhrGd8

Step 2. In the CCCP settings screen that appears after the installation, click Next on the first screen. On the second screen, uncheck everything under ‘Haali Media Splitter’. Also make sure nothing under VSFilter is checked. This will prevent Haali Media Splitter from loading, which causes a problem for TVersity to sometimes display the ‘Unsupported File Type’ error.

Step 3. Navigate to Start > Programs > Combined Community Codec Pack > Filters > VSFilter. On the ‘General’ tab, under ‘Loading’, chose ‘Do Not Load’. Press OK and close the window. This ensures VSFilter never loads, although if you use the same computer for playback when not on your PS3, you can change this back to ‘Load when needed’ later.

Step 4. Navigate to Start > Programs > Combined Community Codec Pack > Filters > FFDShow Video Decoder Configuration. Scroll down to ‘Subtitles’ and check the box beside it. In the window on the right (with ‘Subtitles’ selected), Under the “subtitle source” section check the “embedded subtitles,” “Subtitles files” boxes. In the “search in” box add the folder heading where your previously extracted subtitles are. Your folder heading should be the folder that BOTH the .mkv and the .ass file are in. For example, my own was “D:\temp downloads\jojo” [You can later add more folders to this list, without removing previous entries] Press OK and close the window.

Step 5. Install Tversity. BUT DO NOT OPEN IT. Be careful of tick boxes that say stuff like "open tversity when installation is complete" YOU CAN NOT OPEN IT YET!!
IMMEDIETLY go to control panel> programs > uninstall programs, and uninstall the tversity codec pack AND the sneaky codec pack called Xiph that adds itself too. Get rid of both of those codec packs, BEFORE opening tversity.

Step 6. go to services (type “services” in the start menu search bar) and find tversity. right click to properties. Go to second tab “Log on” Change to “This account” and add your admin username from before. Also put in the login password you use for logging into windows. I’m not sure but I think this has something to do with windows7 security not allowing tveristy to use ffdshow without admin privalges. Adding in those details, grants it such.

Step 7. Open TVersity and make sure the following settings are in effect. Under ‘Transcoder Settings’, choose ‘Only when needed’, uncheck ‘Decrease the bitrate if it is too high for my network’, set maximum video and image resolution to 1280 x 720 (both of them), uncheck "Use DirectShow for Windows Media Encoding, and select ‘Windows Media Video 9’ from the drop down list, for connection speed select optimize for ‘Quality’, for connection speed select 'Wireless G (54 Mbps) and connection quality to ‘High’, select ‘Decode the media as fast as possible without taking into account its bitrate’. I found that you can make the videos transcode if you want a higher quality, but that can require some buffering. I do this by going back to the library and double clicking on the folder or file I want to change. Then I hit “advanced” and change the transcode option to “always”


  • uninstall codecs/tversity
  • install cccp version 2011-07-30. Uncheck all Haali options, VSfilter options. Make sure they don’t load
  • go to FFDshow subtitles menu. activate it. insert your the folder containing your premade subtitles in the "search in" box
  • Install Tversity. UNINSTALL it’s codec packs
  • Go to services and make Tversity log on using your adminstrator account
  • Adjust settings within tversity. primarily uncheck directshow in the settings, and make anything you want in better quality "always transcode"

I hope this has helped some of you guys who were struggling. I know I was.


Time to go watch something fabulous in the living room