Tversity and website streaming

I’m an avid watcher of many types of online streaming and have had no problems streaming most types of videos through their URLs. I’m running the pro version through my 360 and I’m having trouble configuring running videos from website. To get the URL I click on the icon of the video and then share icon to manually copy the http URL, and manually enter to my PEG. This does not add the video to my library in 360, like say, when I’ve added South Park videos. If I drag and drop the picture icon as suggested from tversity, it’s a javatype code and doesn’t work giving me a non supported error. I recently saw that someone talked about “snooper” URLs as I’m beginning to think the one I’m entering may just be the URL to fish the startup URL but have no idea about what a snooper really is or how to get these URLs from the streaming on TG4 Live Player to work.

Can anyone please help?

I’m running windows 7 streaming through a wifi connection. Thanks!

This site is nit in the supported premium web content list.
It is not supported.