Streaming MKV to Xbox but Getting No Sound

Hello all,

I am attempting to stream MKV videos from my PC to my Xbox but am running into some trouble. The videos play fine on my PC but there is no audio when I stream it to the Xbox. The video specifications are as follows:

Video Codec: x264 (AVC 4.1)
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Channels: 5.1

I understand that the Xbox only supports Audio Channel 2.0 and as such have set that as the default setting in ffdshow but still have had no luck. Additionally, I have also tried using TVersity’s included Codec package but have had no success. I also have tried using a combination of the latest AC3 Filter, ffdshow, and Haali Media Splitter but still can’t seem to get the audio to work.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

I suggest removing the AC3 filter and Haali splitter and the re-installing TVersity. The key setting is to make sure AC3 is enabled in ffdshow and that it will be downmixing to stereo.

You may also want to try running TVersity from the command line instead of a Windows service. The forum has instructions on that. This is just for testing purposes.

Had this problem and was able to correct it following this guide:

Only difference is before starting the service I uninstall the TVersity codec pack and Xiph that are forced to install and reboot.

Tversity was installed last.