Question about a tv show

i have a tv show & the Xbox 360 does not detect any media where the show is says there are no videos but it will play on the computer what is going on

both the tv show & movie say the file type is avi but all other avi play right

What kind of video: WMV, MP4, etc?..

well i got the videos to show for show up but for some reason the folders i had the show in i had 2 parts in 2 different folders & would not detect them but when i moved them out of the 2 other folders & keep in the folder with the name the tv show showed up then

So you have the ‘invisible’ video(s) in the same directory as some other, working videos and only the working ones show up on the 360?

That sounds like TVersity thinks the missing videos need transcoding but it can’t do it because the codec support for those videos is broken.

Do you have ALL the codecs available in ffdshow turned on? Check the ffdshow video control panel you can access from the Start menu…

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