.MOV files don't display Video in Chrome

Hello - I’ve searched the forums (and the web in general) prior to posting this, and couldn’t find anything.

I run the purchased Media Server Pro (3.8) from my Win10 desktop. It’s publicly accessible through my router, and prior to a week ago, used it successfully to publish audio recordings from several bands I’m in. Everything works fine: as long as people know the URL, they can get to, browse and play the MP3s.

Last week, I added several .MOV videos from one band’s live performance. These were recorded via iPhone (not mine, nor by me), and all I did was drop them into a folder, index it for video and audio, and publish as usual.

In Chrome, only one of the files plays video and audio; the rest just show up as a blank/black box, with audio playing normally. The web interface shows a generic video icon (rather than a screen capture of the video) for all of the “audio-only” video files.

On the desktop that runs the media server, they play fine in VLC player. From my wireless HDTV, I can browse to the folder in the media server and play the videos correctly. However, they don’t display video in Chrome, either locally or remotely.

For hints as to the problem, Win10’s native “Movies and TV” app (run on the same machine that the server is on) squawked about a missing H265 (<-- I think) codec. “VLC player” played them fine, but I installed the codec nonetheless. Now “Movies and TV” plays them fine - but the video is still missing in Chrome.

Other videos I’ve published (including other .MOVs) play fine in Chrome. Obviously, I suspect a codec issue, because one of the dozen band videos (which all came from the same phone) plays fine, but not the other eleven. I’m a bit stumped here. Can anyone suggest things I can investigate? I haven’t looked at the debug logs yet, so that’s on my TODO list - but still, this is a head-scratcher…

Thanks in advance.

These other MOV must be using h265 which TVersity does not support at the moment. To verify please use a tool like MediaInfo on the files and check the output.

Hey ronenmiz - thanks for your reply some 10 months ago, and sorry I never responded to it.

This issue is dead for me, so I’m not asking for help.

I did what you suggested - and was surprised to find that the same iPhone from the same night recorded two different song videos with different codecs. No, neither were h256, but that doesn’t matter; one video transcodes fine in TVersity and the other doesn’t. I’m flabbergasted that the phone recorded them differently - possibly because it was trying to keep from running out of memory/space?

Either way, I’m now on a hunt to better understand how that iPhone 7 works. Thanks, I appreciate the chance to get geeky :wink:

~ Jon Richt

:thumbsup: Sure thing.