Iphone App (PRO) Not Streaming Video

I have Tversity Pro 3.7.1. I have the PRO version of the app. NONE of my videos are streaming. I can see pictures without an issue, but videos are nothing but a constant loading symbol.

Sounds very frustrating, we would like to help but would need more info. Did you install a codec pack when you installed Pro? (something like ffdshow tryouts?) Also any errors in the message section of the status page?

I was able to improve it. From the server, I changed transcoding from “when needed” to “never.” After that, streaming to the iPhone was relatively smooth. I’m sure that’s not supposed to be how it works though?

Right however we would need more info in order to get to the bottom of this. Can you answer please the questions in my previous message?

Yes. K-Lite Codecs. No errors.

Can you try clicking done and then selecting the same video again? Will it play then?

If there are no errors then TVersity is successfully transcoding it, and for some reason it does not play. We have seen some rare cases where it happens and then hitting done on the iPhone player and selecting the same video again solves it.