Folder merge not working

Hi there
I have recently upgraded from v1.97 to 3.8
I have a 6 seperate hard drives, each with a single folder containing many folders.
Previously, I would add the single top folder to TVersity, once for each hard drive.
i.e. H:\Video Library I:\Video Library J:\Video Library
and then all the Video Library folders would merge and appear once in TVersity.

However, in the new version, 2 of the Video Library folders merge in a seperate folder, so now when I look at Tversity media, there are 2 entries: Video Library & video library

rather than it all being merged together, 2 of the hard drive merge in the separate lower cased folder.

How can I remedy this?

Did the moderator contact you regarding this concern?
I guess hey have been busy for a couple of month now.

Hi there
I have had no response as of yet.

It looks like when you added one of them you used capital v and with the other you used lower case v. Merging two filders was never an intentional feature, but should still work if they both have the same name.

No, both folders have exactly the same use of capitals & lower case.
It seems the only possible cause I can find is that the two drives which show up with lower case top level folders ‘video library’ are from drives which are formatted GPT.
This did not happen in an earlier version of TVersity - ie these folders on these drive did use to merge.

I know the reason for this now, but do not know the solution.
Folders named the same do not merge correctly on hard drive formatted GPT.
(It is a requirement that 4TB drives be formatted GPT).
I wonder if there will be a fix for this?

I do not think it is related to the formatting but the upper/lower case associated with the folder names.