CPU utilization after stopping playback

When transcoding a file to my XBox360 mediaserver.exe is taking processes of around 50%, which is expected with my older computer and the size of file I am transcoding on the fly.

When I stop playback on the Xbox it continues to take CPU utilization when there is no content being played on any device. Anyone know why it is doing this and how to turn it off?

I’m assuming its finishing transcoding the movie file, but I don’t want it to.

The last file you chose will continue transcoding until you play some other file (say an MP3 file). We do pause the transcoding in most cases when we are sufficiently ahead of the device request, but I believe with the Xbox this pause is not performed.

Either way, just check the status tab, you should see there whether a transcoding is taking place or not and whether it is active or paused.