Choppy Video when streamed to XBox360

I have streamed movie files up to 3GB with no issue, however I am having problems with streaming some video files where it is extremely choppy when playing on the Xbox. Some are slightly choppy and some are unwatchable.

I have CCCP codecs installed, not using the TVersity Codec Pack, have tried always transcoding as well as transcoding when needed.

Anyone have any ideas?

Recently stripped my computer of all codec packs and apps, installed just CCCP.

What is the CPU consumption on the PC during streaming? Is it at 100%?
Otherwise, what kind of connection are you using? Wired or wireless?

Are all videos choppy on the Xbox? If not and only some can you describe those? What is the video res, bitrate etc?

Was able to correct the issues I’ve hadwith playback through this: