Can't detect all video files when connecting to Xbox 360

Hello, I’m hoping someone can help with a strange and frustrating problem I’ve been having.

I’ve previously set up TVersity on someone else’s network and streamed video to Xbox successfully with very few issues. However, on my own home network, I’m finding that my Xbox will connect to TVersity but not all the video files in the folders I’ve shared will show up. For example, some subfolders will show as empty even though they aren’t, and some files will show but not others. Out of the videos that do show up, only one, an mp4, will play, and I can’t figure out what makes that video so special. Furthermore, when I connect to TVersity via VidOn Player on my iPhone, I can see and play videos with no problem.

I’m running Windows 7 on my TVersity PC. I have port 41952 forwarded on my router, I’ve tried installing extra codecs, changing transcoding settings… I’m running out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Well, I’m still having issues, but here’s some more info if it helps. I was running TVersity Media Server 3.7, I tried going back to version 3.5 since that was the version I used when I set up Xbox streaming successfully on the other network. I also installed ffdshow, but I’m not sure if it’s helping or if I even have it configured correctly. I tried setting TVersity to always transcode but that didn’t appear to do anything either.

Finally, I found a couple other video files I could get to stream to my Xbox. They are all mp4 files with AVC video and AAC audio. Some of them play fine, others play for a while and then the Xbox decides it doesn’t like it anymore and gives me a “format not supported” error. Also, there is at least one video file that doesn’t play, even though it appears to be the same format as the ones that do play.

This is really frustrating. I’m beginning to wonder if there was some recent Xbox system update that is somehow screwing this up…

Are you using the free or Pro version? To play all videos you need Pro, otherwise only videos that the Xbox can play will work.

I’m using the free version, so that must be it. Maybe I just got lucky when I set it up the first time, and just happened to only use files the Xbox would play already…

Thanks for the response.